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About Ousia

Democratization of education

We are a global education DAO with a vision of democratizing education.
Through the Web 4.0 metaverse campus "Ousia", we will provide people around the world with the opportunity to discover and realize what they want to be and do.

A question from a child

A child was dissatisfied with his current school education.
He wondered what he was doing with his one-sided lecture style, unenjoyable classes, and paying high tuition fees.

He also met street children during a visit to the Philippines. For me, going to school is an obligation, so the fact that there are children who are not going to school or receiving an education was shocking.

So, with the vision of creating a world where anyone can receive the education they want, find what they want to be and do, and realize what they want to do, the boy sets out to democratize education and creates the Metaverse x Launched an educational global DAO centered on education


Ousia Member

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