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The democratization
of education

Creating a world where anyone can receive the education they desire, anytime, anywhere, and providing an environment where individuals can discover and realize what they want to be and do—these are the vision and mission of us at Ousia University.


What is "OusiaDAO"

DALL·E 2024-02-15 09.33.50 - A young person dreaming of their vision, looking hopeful and

The Beginning of Vision Creation

"What is your dream?"

What did you want to achieve when you were young?
What did you want to become?
How did you imagine your future self?

And now, as you have grown,
what possibilities do you see in yourself?

Ousia University, with the mission of "creating possibilities," provides an environment where you can discover and realize what you want to be and do.

Would you like to embark on a journey of self-discovery with us?







Recruiting DAO members

Ousia University, an educational DAO created to create a web4.0 metaverse university in order to democratize education, is recruiting the following members.

1. Metaverse / Blockchain / ​AI Digital Human Developer

2. University professor in business administration, Web 4.0, and SDGs areas

3. Businessmen, salesmen, marketers, etc.

Go to the Ousia Discord!

Sending completed!

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