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※Currently in the planning stage

​Ousia University


It's time for you to become someone

"What are you thinking about your life now?"
"Are you living the life you imagined when you were a child?"
"If tomorrow is your end, are you able to live your life without regrets?"

People get distracted by the busyness of their daily lives, and before they know it, they are in the "now".
Some people live a fulfilling life and always spend their days with a smile on their faces, while others are busy working to live and spend their days wondering, "Is it okay to stay like this?"

Ousia Uniersity is a world metaverse university that provides everyone with the opportunity to find what they want to be and do and make it come true.
Now, let's dive into the dreams we gave up on in the past, what we try something new, and in search of a second life.



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