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What are dApps?
dApps are blockchain-based decentralized applications that are highly transparent and do not rely on a centralized management organization.
At OusiaDAO, we are developing two dApps: "KESHIPIN", which is Lock and Learn to Earn, and "LearnHop", which is Stay and Learn to Earn.

dApps Service


LearnHop is a decentralized platform that enables space sharing. This is a unique service that allows you to rent out a variety of spaces, from hotels to private houses to campgrounds. This platform has a token economy that allows you to earn money by staying to earn. 1. Users need to purchase "Hoppen (NFT)" and owners need to purchase "Rentan (NFT)" membership tokens. 2. When users rent space, they can earn "Osewasama (FT)" tokens. 3.Omotenashi (FT) tokens can be earned when the owner rents out the space. 4.You can buy and sell the acquired tokens. There is also a homeschooling feature, so your child can learn directly from the space share owner. In this way, LearnHop is an innovative platform where you can earn token income by sharing vacant spaces. This is a new form of learning space sharing that utilizes distributed leisure technology.

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