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A cutting-edge educational event that creates a vision for the future of education

What is EdverseV?

EdverseV is a cutting-edge educational event to create a vision of the future of education.

This event incorporates the latest technologies and concepts in the field of education to provide participants with new educational possibilities.


①Introduction of advanced concepts and technologies: Utilizing the latest technologies and concepts such as Web3, Web4, metaverse, blockchain, and generative AI.

②A vision for the future of education: Together we create the future of education and its vision, exploring new possibilities for education.

③A global perspective: Various stakeholders, including educators, EdTech-interested people, entrepreneurs, investors, and students, will gather to promote global exchange.

④A diverse program: A wide range of programs will be offered, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, startup pitches, and networking sessions.


Event staff

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