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Democratization of Education

Thank you for your interest in operating OusiaDAO.

OusiaDAO's vision is to ``democratize education'', that is, ``to create a world where anyone can receive the education they want, anytime, anywhere, and discover and realize what they want to be and do.''
We are developing the Metaverse x Education business.

In addition to creating possibilities for adults, we also create an environment where children can discover what they want to become and what kind of life they want to live. We are looking for people to work with us to create an environment that will help us gain experience and grow significantly!

Currently Recruiting


①Metaverse creator:

Development of Web4.0 Metaverse Campus “Ousia”

②Blockchain engineer:

"Learn and earn with playing" system development

③Digital Human AI Engineer:

Developed AI professor

Students sitting on stairs
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