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Our Vision

Democratizing Education

We are a global education DAO with a vision to democratize education.
Through the Web 4.0-type metaverse campus "Ousia,"
Everyone should find what they truly want to be and what they want to do.
We provide the opportunity to make it happen.


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A little boy's question

One child was unhappy with his current school education.
The one-sided lecture style, the classes not being fun, and the high tuition fees made me wonder what I was doing there.

He also encountered street children during his visit to the Philippines.
As a Japanese person, going to school was a natural thing for me, in fact it was something I had to go to.
However, when I met street children in the Philippines, I was shocked to learn that there are children who "cannot go to school" and "cannot receive an education."

So, with the vision of "creating a world where everyone can receive the education they want, discover what they want to be and what they want to do, and make it happen," the boy launched the Education x Metaverse (Edverse) business with the aim of "democratizing education."

This led to the birth of the global education DAO "OusiaDAO".

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