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Event to create the future of education using advanced technology

EdverseV is a virtual event hosted by OusiaDAO, aiming to create the future of education centered around metaverse technology.

It will introduce innovative teaching methods using the latest VR/AR technology and build a global education community.

Participants will experience new learning possibilities through interactive workshops and seminars in a virtual space.

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Firefly EdverseVというメタバース×教育イベントの「イベントロゴマーク」を作成して 2845.jpg


Let's all create a school in the metaverse!

Metacraft is a metaverse craft event where children from all over the world gather in the metaverse, form teams of five, and build a school in the metaverse based on the team's theme.

It has been held twice so far, with a total of about 70 elementary school students gathering and building a school.

The next event is scheduled for August 2024.

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