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Web3 Consulting

What is Web3 Consulting?
Wen3 Consulting provided by Ousia provides comprehensive support from web strategy formulation to technology selection, project promotion, and human resource development. We build the optimal web strategy that meets your business needs and make selections that incorporate the latest technology trends. We also ensure the smooth progress of projects and ensure thorough process management to maximize results. Furthermore, we will focus on developing IT human resources who will be responsible for your company's future, and support sustainable growth.
Leverage Ousia's expertise and experience to drive your digital transformation with comprehensive solutions

Web3 Consulting Service

business approach
Formulation support

We provide support in developing a Web3 business approach. We provide a wide range of support, from planning a company's concept and exit strategy to selecting blockchain technology.

Business strategy formulation support

In formulating business strategies, we support market/competitive analysis, business model design, roadmap creation, etc.

Technology selection support

We select blockchain technology, define requirements for chain technology, and formulate development plans.

DAO establishment support

We provide comprehensive support from designing a DAO to building a governance system, considering token economics, and supporting the establishment of a corporation.

Funding support

In order to raise token funds, we will design ICO/IEO/INO token economics, develop recruitment and sales strategies, and provide promotional support.

Human resource development support

Web3We support the recruitment of human resources and develop human resources by implementing training programs. We support the improvement of Web3 literacy within your organization.

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