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The future of education created by Edverse

In recent years, a next-generation virtual space called "Metaverse" has been attracting attention. Metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual space that extends and fuses the real world, and by utilizing technologies such as VR and AR, it is possible to experience as if you were actually there.

If this concept of Metaverse is applied to the field of education, a new form of education called "Edverse" may be born. With Edverse, we believe that the following innovative learning spaces can be realized.

■Evolution of remote learning Schools are recreated in the virtual space of Metaverse, allowing face-to-face classes to be taken remotely. You can experience being in a classroom with VR without actually going to the classroom, so you can learn efficiently without the hassle of traveling.

■Promoting experiential learning With Metaverse, you can experience places you can't go to in real life, from workplaces to tourist spots to outer space. Experience-based learning such as fieldwork, experiments, and internships will be possible on your desktop.

■Two-way deep learning Teachers and students, as well as each other, can communicate in real time as avatars, making question-and-answer sessions more active and enabling deep learning. You can also use digital tools such as whiteboards.

■Individually optimized learning Metaverse analyzes an individual's learning history and performance data and can present the most suitable teaching materials and teaching methods. It will be possible to perform fine-grained, individualized optimization learning tailored to each individual.

In this way, Edverse has the potential to accelerate the digital transformation of education. On the other hand, challenges remain.

These include the difficulty of teaching students in a virtual space and the differences from real-life experiences.

However, as technology evolves, there is no doubt that Edverse has the potential to shape the future of education.

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