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Creating DAS (Distributed Autonomous Schools): The Education System of the Future

The modern education system has room for improvement in many aspects. Centralized management and fixed curriculum are not able to meet the needs of a diversifying society. Therefore, we propose the concept of DAS (Decentralized Autonomous School). This new education system provides an educational environment that is jointly operated by AI and users and respects what each individual wants to learn.

DAS Vision

DAS's vision is to realize the "democratization of education". This means creating a world where anyone can learn what they want to learn, anytime, anywhere. This ensures that all people have equal opportunities to learn.

Before: CMS (Centralized Management School)

The traditional education system is called CMS (Centralized Management School). In this system, a central institution such as the Ministry of Education establishes the educational curriculum, and the principal of each school manages its operation. Learning costs money, and human connections are often limited to within the school.

After: DAS (Decentralized Autonomous School)

Unlike traditional CMS, DAS does not have an administrator. It is a school jointly operated by AI and users. AI acts as a digital teacher and a personal digital partner, instantly identifying what you want to learn and supporting you in learning. By sharing their expertise and experiences and acting for others, users can earn unique tokens and gain new learning opportunities.

DAS Features

Learn anytime: DAS provides a customizable timetable. You can learn at your own pace, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you can freely set start and end dates.

Learn anywhere: DAS provides an environment where you can learn not only at home or school, but also while traveling. You can learn anywhere as long as there is a network environment. In addition, DAO members will go directly to the site and provide educational services in places where there is no network environment.

Anyone can learn: DAS provides an environment where everyone can learn, regardless of economic, geographical, racial, age, or gender discrimination. Tuition is free and the system is learn to earn.

DAS Impact

DAS has a significant impact on many people.

Street children who are not receiving an education:

We provide them with an opportunity to become independent and escape poverty. We partner with NPOs and provide online learning materials free of charge.

High school students who have not found what they want to do in the future:

We provide them with an opportunity to deepen their self-understanding and discover what they want to be and do. We support them through GPTs coaching services and LifeMap coaching programs.

DAS learning formats and methods

DAS is an education system that utilizes the metaverse. Students can receive active learning customized to what they want to be and do, without location restrictions, as they want to be. Specifically, the following learning formats and methods are possible.

Customized learning by digital teachers: Experience personalized learning using generative AI technology.

Virtual job training: Experience real work using virtual reality.

Vision-realizing learning: Teams build learning programs based on the individual goals and dreams of each user.


DAS (Decentralized Autonomous School) is an innovative system that will change the future of education. By working together with AI and users to provide an environment where anyone can learn anytime, anywhere, we will realize the democratization of education. This will create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to learn and can move towards self-actualization. DAS is a platform that will set a new standard in education and maximize the potential of each individual.

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