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Text to Space - A dream AI tool that anyone can develop a metaverse with just a prompt.

When you hear the word "metaverse," what kind of image comes to mind?

It's a place in virtual reality where you can have all sorts of experiences, just like in the real world.

But if you actually want to build the metaverse, you'll need skilled developers, designers, and a huge amount of time and cost.

For the average person, it's been tough to freely create their own metaverse space so far.

Yet, with the dreamlike AI tool called "Text to Space" developed by, anyone can easily create their own metaverse space just by entering prompts!

As the name suggests, Text to Space allows you to input text prompts, and the AI automatically generates the metaverse space for you.

For example, by inputting "a grassy square with a pond and an amusement park," you'll have a charming virtual space with lush nature and attractions.

Moreover, you can freely walk around the generated metaverse. You can rearrange furniture, add new structures, and have immersive experiences full of realism.

In traditional metaverse development, a vast amount of modeling by 3D CG designers was essential.

However, with Text to Space, the AI takes care of that effort for you.

In other words, you can create your ideal metaverse at an unprecedented speed and cost.'s CEO describes this AI tool as "anyone who can read text can create a metaverse. It's like being able to code a metaverse with language."

The metaverse is an innovative technology with expected applications in education, gaming, tourism, e-commerce, and various other fields.

With Text to Space paving the way, more and more people will be able to experience the metaverse.

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